Smartteller API Docs


We have Built on a modern API foundation, the new API is easier to use with features like the ability to credit, withdraw, and more to provide json response.

Today, our API can power fintech product features such as airtime sales, bill payment, pos banking, bank account creation, savings, investments and loan.

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Smartteller API Docs

Major Api's
# API Description Version
1 Registration Implementing Our Registration API on your system will allow Customers register or signup to use your product on your online platform V1.0
2 Login Followed up from the registration, the Login API will allow users login into their online accounts on your digital platform while running a series of validation tests to make sure each user logs in to their respective accounts V1.0
3 Deposit With Our Deposit API, Your users can access banking features on your digital platform in the sense that they'll be able to deposit Money into their account on your platform. V1.0
4 and more We have more API open to our banking platform, these API are private and can be gotten when you apply for access. V1.0
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