Enhancing financial inclusion using Financial Education as a tool.

Our Approach

SmartTeller is alleviating poverty through our agent network financial cooperatives, social enterprise and Technology We get every single person through our data driven approach and provide financial education through SMS Infrastructure, Push Notification, Trainings and our Financial Publicity Materials. At SmartTeller, we prefer an approach that is sustainable and empowering. Our work is guided by a commitment to market-based solutions, and a belief in the inherent resources and strengths of those living in poverty to pursue and achieve their dreams.

Our SDG Impact

Micro-entrepreneurs and small business entrepreneurs (MSMEs) are the foundation of a healthy local economy and our mission is to drive financial inclusion across Nigeria by providing access to quality financial education.


Imagine No access to financial services. No account, no Credit card, no insurance, no Education, This is the reality for the majority of the people in Nigeria.
Image a country where we equip our children with Financial Education, they will grow up to be financially illetrate.
let's bridge the gap together.

Nigeria Statistics by EFInA

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Our Impact

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