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We are revolutionising how individuals and SME's access financial services through

We're Also Empowering Financial Cooperatives with:

Action Alerts

Account receives immediate E-Mail and SMS Notification for every transaction.

Data Management

Manage Account profile, add client pictures and data ..

Automated Transaction

Digital and electronic savings. Cash, online and electronic payments

Account Management

Manage savings accounts, deposits, withdrawals, balance e.t.c..


Real-time reports from transactiom, accounts, all branches, officers and staffs with all details.

Data Import and Export

Import your existing data from CSV files, export your data and download them any time you want.

Digital Audit Trails

Searchable digital record and audit trail for every payment in and out of your institution.

Finance Management

Manage your customers Savings, Credit, Debits & Loans


Create and manage offices and branches and Configure and assign staff to branch and customer account individually.