We provide digital banking platform as a service and access to financial services to cooperatives and individuals

We provides the following features and services for cooperatives:

Finance Management

Manage savings, manage loans, manage investments, prepare your report and account, income statement, cash flow, transactional SMS alerts and more.

Cooperative Training

We provides cooperatives with financial, business and technical training to grow to successfull cooperative.


Access loan to support your cooperative and your members, quick, instant and relaible loan.

Digital Services

We provides cooperatives with technical support such website maintenance, cooperative mobile app and ussd to advance your cooperative.


Grow your cooperative funds, access great investments opportunity and create economic prosperity.


Insure your cooperative business, your members and your assets.

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Financial Education

We provide financial educational through educational resources on the app and through our physical and virtual programmes


We provide access to investment opportunites that gives up to 10% Returns on your investments monthly.


We provide a platform to save towards a target and save to buy our products or services.


We provide access to several insurance products for you and your properties.


We offer access to discounted Gadgets Shopping Store and more