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SmartWorka Membership

Get your smartWorker membership activated and get access to unique range of financial services and protection. Good for independent workers like entreperenuers, startups, small business owner, and more


Monthly PAY.

We understand that you dont a company that pays you monthly, we provide a monthly salary based on much you work for your self and your average savings you have with us.


Sick Pay.

Most StartUp dont pay you when you are sick. We understand that no company is there to pay you when you are sick, we provide you the insurance you need, we pay when you are sick.


Leave Pay.

You can even pay even when you are not working, all you need to do is to invest your funds and get paid in due time.

SmartWorker of the month

Peace Bassy

Now, i can get a fixed salary. Thanks you SmartWorker Team. the bulk of the card's content.

Over ₦1,000,000,000 members.

SmartWorka membership provides a unique range of financial services and protection for independent workers.