What SmartTeller Offers

SmartTeller offers Technology supports to cooperatives, mini-banks and smaller financial institutions across Africa, Providing the banking software and tools to operate with and giving the online infrasture to enable cooperatives and small financial institutions became stable, Just like Banks.

Our Cooperative Banking Software

We have built a cooperative banking infrastructure for every mini banks, cooperative, thrift and association to eradicate the inefficient paper based ledger book transacton operations. Our System covers the core part of banking and improving everyday covering the following most important features

Digital Banking

We offer instant notification for every transaction. We have provided a core cooperative banking that covers area such as savings, loan, investment, reporting, accounting and more.

IT Service

The growth of our client is our top priority so we have developed a working and time proving approaches to our job, in other to ensure the success of our client

SmartTeller Complete Cooperative Setup

Your Complete IT infrastructure for your cooperative

Banking Technology

SMS Notification, USSD, Offline Banking, Online Banking, Customer Management.

Cooperative Platform Training

Learn and understand how SmartTeller software works. we have decided to take it up as our responsibility to train you on how to operate a successful cooperative and how to use our technology, we have the experience, we have worked with hundreds of cooperatives across Africa.

Cooperative Certificate

Get Accredited! Get a certificate! recommended after you get your cooperative and platform training virtually or through our physical conference training! . This certify proved that you are certify to run your cooperative with a cooperative banking software.

Cooperative Website

We offer web design service for your cooperative, having a website makes your business solid and recognized, the website will have the following Features -> Home Page -> About Us Page -> Services page -> Contact Us Page

SmartTeller Pay

Wallet System for automatic credit and debit without having to employ teller, all transactions automated.

SmartTeller P.O.S

We Sell and Distribute P.O.S to businesses and cooperatives.

Customer/Member Online Banking Platform

We can customize our own web application for your cooperative operations, this involves system integration and deployment. We will build a web application for your cooperative, and upload it will be uploaded to your to website.

Customer/Member Mobile Banking Platform

We offer mobile app service for your cooperative, This is deployed after having an online cooperative banking integration app makes your customer access your cooperative services faster. They can access savings, loan, investment and more. It is then deployed on Playstore.

SmartTeller BOX

We provide the SmartTeller Box for financial cooperatives to become fully digital, our SmartTeller Box is N60,000. Its an android device with a printer attached to it, this enables you to print receipts on every transaction for your customer.its an android Phone Box where the smartteller app is installed on it.

IT Support Services

We offer Maintenance of entire IT as service, we take care of your entire IT department instead of employing an IT staff, you only pay us per service offered.

Business Support Services

We offer Business Services and Cooperative Consultation such as cooperative Registration, Cooperative Business Plan and we also make avaialable our Co-operative E-Book, you only pay us per servic we offered.

Some Cooperative using SmartTeller

among all the cooperative and financial institution we are powering, here some we are proud of