" We are always looking for talented individuals who are aligned with our mission to make the Nigerian financial system work better — especially for the poor "

SmartTeller is a digital platform providing access to financial services and financial education to individual and small business owners in Nigeria and across Africa.
We are empowering individuals and businesses to learn about access to credit and savings products through their mobile phone, SMS, and our data driven mechanism, We provides financial service providers (Cooperatives) with our technology to service the people.
We aim to democratize how unbanked and underserved micro and small businesses get financial services that best meet their needs. We are a Nigerian FinTech Company comprised of a Team of passionate individuals determined to tackle what we consider a critical issue paramount to Africa's Development, which is the the Availability of financial services to all Africans, with Focus on the youth, women and Men in Nigeria


Open Roles

Product Operations Officer

Description : Collect and analyze qualitative and quantitative data to enable the product and engineering organization to make insightful product decisions. Organize and present product and operations metrics to key LogicGate stakeholders to communicate progress towards business drivers.

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Technology Operations Officer

Description : provide high-quality, timely, and professional services and technical support in a wide range of areas: analog, digital, and satellite communications; video and image enhancement; coding and decoding devices; and various aspects of computer technology.

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Financial Operations Officer

Description : in charge of overseeing the financial transactions of a company. Also known as Chief Financial Officers, you are tasked with developing budgets, monitoring transactions, and preparing financial reports. possess strong accounting and analytical skills.

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Marketing Operations Officer

Description : plan and create production process management, data and analytics, brand compliance, and technology infrastructure. oversee both the marketing and positioning of the product or brand they sell. It is your duty to establish promotions with advertising managers.

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